Life Crusade General Information

Greetings Friends, Family and Ministry Partners,
We are so very excited to share with you an awesome opportunity the Lord has opened up to us. 
God has placed it on my heart to take our unique message to the world; what message is that? This simple message from the Lord is that, Jesus said for us to: "Come to Him.”
When we think about this simple statement, it develops into a life altering concept and is quite profound!
The Lord of Creation, the Designer of all things, the One who holds the universe in His hands; wants us to come to Him.

There is forgiveness in no other, there is hope in no other, there is true joy and peace in no other. He, the One who will judge the living and the dead – has said “Come to Me.” It’s the invitation of the ages. 
Taking it to the world starts with a simple step of faith, by taking it to our neighbors. The idea of how to do what He is asking, came as a thought to do a “crusade” or even better “crusades.” Life Crusade was born. Life Crusade will be a two to three day event. We will start with small town America. This Crusade is not only for the church in that area, but of course the unbelievers too. It does not stop there, but goes onto encourage the area pastors. They say the biggest evangelist tool available currently is not door to door, not cold calls, not mail outs; no the biggest tool right now is starting a new church… We feel like coming into an area and doing a crusade will be as effective. We want to stir up the community we are being sent to, for the things of God, to encourage, and inspire those who may have slipped away to come back, and those who have never come to the Lord - to come to Him.
The goal is to encourage and inspire the communities we are sent to, to get up and keep fighting the good fight of faith.

The 2014 Life Crusade theme is: Opportunity Knocks (the invitation of the ages!).
Life Crusade is bigger than one church and one community. If you are a tithing member of another church, and would like to sow a special offering into Life Crusades, we welcome it. If you are not part of a local church, we encourage you first, to get plugged into one. Allow God to direct you to the one He has for you. Your tithe goes to the place you get fed from, or your local church family. An offering can go anywhere.
Our first crusade will be conducted Friday, March 28th & Saturday, March 29th at the Meridian Civic Center in Meridian Texas. We have currently ordered equipment and supplies for this event. This is where the help is needed. Our church body can only support so much, and there are big expenses with doing something like this.
Finally, I want to say that I get lots and lots of requests for donations from different organizations. I can not give to every cause… I have to pick and choose the ones that I am moved to give to. Misty and I are spirit lead givers. If God does not place it on your heart to sow into this at this time, please no condemnation from us or Him… We feel like we are suppose to send this out, to everyone we know and give the opportunity for people to respond, who are lead to respond and help with getting this first one off the ground.
Thanks for your time, friendship, and prayers.
In His Service,
Kevin and Misty Winkler
Sunday, October 7, 2018

Connect 1 & 2

5:30 pm – 8:30 pm

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