Prophet's Desk

"Let the wise hear and incease in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance..."

-Proverbs 1:6 (ESV)

A Vision: The Flag

by Pastor Kevin Winkler on August 10, 2022
Tonight (Wednesday, 10, 2022) I went in to do devotionals with my child and my wife. And as I was praying I was thanking God for the rain out loud and as I was giving Him thanks again for the rain that He sent on the land - I had a vision of the American flag in my spirit, and not the whole flag, but the center part with the red and white...
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The Great Awakening

by Pastor Kevin Winkler on July 20, 2022
There are powerful people behind the scenes working. They know, and they can see. They were already aware of what these people wanted to do. And in many ways were ready, but the people ( the...
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The New Era of the Church

by Pastor Kevin Winkler on April 21, 2022
What does God want to do in this new era of the Church? There is a victorious Church God is raising up. The church has been pruned and is undergoing a purging. Many unnecessary things are...
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The Supremacy of the Court belongs to Me!

by Pastor Kevin Winkler on April 7, 2022
They put a vile one on the Supreme Court of the land, thinking that is the way to be saved. I Am NOT a respecter of persons. Would this stop Me? I gave the breath of life and I also take...
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The President’s Pardon

by Pastor Kevin Winkler on April 7, 2022
I the Lord have spoken of My intent at this hour in history. I have warned the world and those who have betrayed Me, what I would do. I have been watching and waiting for repentance for a...
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The Word of God

by Pastor Kevin Winkler on February 18, 2022
(Originally I thought was about Canada.) God is giving you another shot at it. He is giving you another chance. He is not abandoning you. This had to hurt a bit to help those who were...
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My Power and Might Shall be Known

by Pastor Kevin Winkler on February 14, 2022
God is not playing around as it relates to evil and wicked schemes concocted and implemented by evil men. The wrath of God is their lot now. They chose a path that was not My will. They wanted...
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The Gates of Hell Have Not Prevailed

by Pastor Kevin Winkler on January 31, 2022
My God what do you say? What do you declare? "O’ My People whom I have chosen, who have declared their allegiance to Me, I am Your God and there is no other. What has Your Maker...
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A Vision/The Whirlwind

by Pastor Kevin Winkler on October 1, 2021
Standing before me turning and roaring is a massive whirlwind. It is churning and spinning with great force. It is filled with debris and brown in color as it whips around in its circling....
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The Highway

by Pastor Kevin Winkler on September 21, 2021
I saw a highway before us. This highway was multiple lanes wide and they were all going in the same direction. This highway was five, maybe even six lanes wide heading into the distance… This...
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Almost Over - Keep Up the Faith

by Pastor Kevin Winkler on August 20, 2021
I was asking the Lord, does he have another word about what’s going on in our country and the world - And this was indicated - What has He already said, what has He already spoken? He does...
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Prophetic Update: Who do you think I AM?

by Pastor Kevin Winkler on July 1, 2021
Those who committed suicide as they saw the utter hopelessness of the situation in the “flesh," the blood of those people is on the hands of those who have committed this fraud and...
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The're Going to get exactly what they wanted, chaos in their own life."

by Pastor Kevin Winkler on June 5, 2021
What they plan to do with us, is being brought down on their own heads. Not one of them will escape - no more deals after the announcement! You have had your time, now it’s our...
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He Who Does Not Stand With Me, Stands Against Me

by Pastor Kevin Winkler on May 18, 2021
The time is almost up for the church, My Body, to honor Me and stand with Me. Those who did and are - great rewards await you. For those who did not and lead people away in...
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A New Era / A New Day Has Begun

by Pastor Kevin Winkler on May 18, 2021
God is listening to the people, the people He loves. Do you really believe that He was going to let this go on? These people are evil and wicked, utterly useless, and utterly...
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