Prophet's Desk

"Let the wise hear and incease in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance..."

-Proverbs 1:6 (ESV)

A Vision/The Whirlwind

by Pastor Kevin Winkler on October 1, 2021
Standing before me turning and roaring is a massive whirlwind.  It is churning and spinning with great force. It is filled with debris and brown in color as it whips around in its circling. As I stand before my God, speaking to Him the whirlwind comes close to me, right before my face, as I look straight up, this towering tornado stretches to the heights of heaven. It spins, it moves to the left and to the right slowly coming close to me, without touching me.
I am speaking to the Lord God Most High, my Father - to me the whirlwind is not scary I know it is sent to wipe away and scour the land of the wickedness, to leave for me, for us a clean foundation. I know this tornadic wind is not for me or us, those living inside Gods will, but those who are to be wiped away. For us, it is God's help and mercy; to them, it is utter destruction. 
I pray for those political leaders to turn to God. I speak with my God that I do not want them to go to Hell, I so want them to repent. But even if their lives are to be ruined and destroyed, to be brought down to the gutters in the street, never to rise again, oh that they should then, even then look up to God and reach for Him and tell Him they are sorry, to receive His gracious forgiveness. The whirlwind is here for them, not for us.
Save them, O’Lord, rescue us...
The angelic hosts, the mighty ones of God are in position. They are in place and are awaiting the command of God, as His Spirit is still working through the hearts and lives of men in mercy. 
This tornado will not cease until it finishes its cleansing. 
I, the Lord have shared this vision. I, the Lord have spoken with my servant and friend.