Prophet's Desk

"Let the wise hear and incease in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance..."

-Proverbs 1:6 (ESV)

Hold On!

by Pastor Kevin Winkler on April 16, 2021
I know you are wavering. I know your strength is weakening. I know this is long,
but hold on.
What God has in-store for the wicked is indeed terrifying. But righteousness will
always prevail.
Where is my hand working? Where are the signs of my doings? Can you see
them? Are you awake and watching?
What am I doing, My Church? Do you know? Are you paying any attention? Has
your strength failed you? Has your resolve been dissolved?
I laugh at those who say, "it is over." "Hah!" says the Lord. "NO, it’s not over and you
don’t WIN!" (my note: He is talking to the enemy)
"My glorious Name will be praised from the roof tops! MY Hand will be clearly seen
by all. You think this is the end? No, it’s not. I say when the end is, that is reserved
for Me," says the Lord – "NOT you, NOT them, NOT anyone. If I want to keep you
1000 years I can.
Who can see what I am doing from the beginning to the end?
Shall My Spirit be hindered by mere man? Shall MY Word be thwarted? Who can
stand against Me and live? I hold all life in My hands."

"You say, 'Where are You?' Look around and see Me everywhere.
I love you. Don’t be dismayed. Don’t be agitated by the wicked; they have no
substance, they are hollow and empty, mere beasts - really! A pitiful sight. Yet
they can run to Me at any time. Oh, how great is My mercy and loving-kindness to
those who repent, to those who walk away from evil and surrender. How loving
are My ways to them! But WOE to those who keep to their own path, who do
harm to My Church, to My Bride; their days are truly numbered and none of them
who stay their course will survive.
I the Lord have spoken! I the Lord AM He that lives forever and ever in the
eternity of eternities. Everlasting AM I.
Seek peace for yourself through the comforts of the Lord. Why be all wrought-up?
Why be dismayed? Did I not say what I will do?
Seek comfort in Me and rest without becoming weary.
I love those who love Me. I carry those who seek truth. I AM an Advocate to those
who stand with Me.
Be patient. You are Mine! And I Am yours. Ask whatever you want from Me and it
will be yours.
Stay calm, stay focused.
Do your part by walking in faith, hope, love.
Let Me deal with them. I will help you amass an army of saints to walk in victory!
Can I help you? Please let Me. I want to.
You pray, you stay in faith, you stay in hope, you stay in love.
Be a voice of cheer to the weary and a strength for the brokenhearted.
Your love is precious to Me. Use it to strengthen others.
I the Lord have spoken!