Prophet's Desk

"Let the wise hear and incease in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance..."

-Proverbs 1:6 (ESV)

My Power and Might Shall be Known

by Pastor Kevin Winkler on February 14, 2022
God is not playing around as it relates to evil and wicked schemes concocted and implemented by evil men. The wrath of God is their lot now. They chose a path that was not My will. They wanted nothing to do with Me or righteousness. I have spoken, I have warned, I have held out My hand. They wanted to go on in their wickedness. They make sport out of their folly. Even after they can see the warning signs of impending judgment. Knowing full well their plans will ultimately fail and come to not by My power – yet they persist! They see the people arising, they see My hand unraveling their schemes, and they go on to their destruction.
I the Lord have spoken from My heavenly dwelling place. I have commanded and it shall be carry out. My plans shall stand says the Lord of Host. My ways shall be extended to all the earth. 
My Power and Might shall be known. Woe to the inhabitants of the earth who refuse My hand, My counsel, My mercy. Where will you hide? To whom will you run in your day of calamity! What can you offer Me to relentq? I am the Almighty to Whom you turned your heels against.
For My faithful ones who continue to love and want My hand, you have it! ( my note: there was emphasis placed on “you have it!”) I shall raise you up and no one shall bring you down anymore. Your name will be great in the earth as my representatives. Your heart shall be renewed and soar far above their calamity. Your life is in My hands, and shall remain. I am Yours and you are Mine ask what you will and see Me answer you! 
I love you. I am your God! Continue in My ways and see Me all around you.
I the Lord have spoken!