Prophet's Desk

"Let the wise hear and incease in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance..."

-Proverbs 1:6 (ESV)

Prophetic Update: Who do you think I AM?

by Pastor Kevin Winkler on July 1, 2021
Those who committed suicide as they saw the utter hopelessness of the situation in the “flesh," the blood of those people is on the hands of those who have committed this fraud and deceit. 
It is also partly on some of the churches and ministries of those who throw out the Holy Spirit’s leading and decided to follow after man’s thoughts.
Woe to them for this grievous error.
God is raising new guards for this new era that will tell the people the truth even if it is not popular. There is hope in the Lord, but NOT for the unrepentant wicked person who practices evil. Nor is it for those who support, defend and condone the practice of wickedness. This includes those who support ministry and others who are OK with it.
Where is your backbone, oh My Church? Who bewitched you? How cowardly have you become.
How complacent are your ways?
Stand and speak, stand and share, stand and do not be silent in this face of evil.
I, the Lord have spoken.
What more do you need? Will you not listen, will you not heed? Will only a few enjoy the rich rewards of God? Yes, I said rewards! Do you not yet understand, is this too difficult for you to comprehend?
You shall not mock those who I establish in my favor, when they stood and you sat idly by… There are even those who do not belong to Me yet, who have stood on the side of truth. What excuses can you render to Me? What will you say when I call you to account, “I did not know?”
You knew alright!
My Spirit gave you time to see the wickedness, to be exposed to pure evil. I allowed you this time to see what it will be like if I do not intercede.
Yet I have chosen not to allow this nation to fall at this time in human history. I have chosen for the sake of My elect, to lift her back up.
It was I who allowed this exposure of corruption to take place. Did I not tell you this ahead of time? Did I not say the world would be shaken – your world?
Who do you say I AM?
Who do you think I Am?
A stone carved to look like a man or beast of the earth? I AM HE who lives forever! Who is like Me?
Yet you still will not believe. I told you My Church that it was for you. To wake you up, to give you an opportunity to be in on my plan in the world.
I told you your time was almost up to repent, before I will judge…
I will bless whom I will bless. I will honor whom I will honor. I will reward whom I will reward. I will give to whom I will give.
 Come now and say, "the Lord is my Rock, the Lord is my God!"
I, the Lord have spoken to My servant – take heed and do not dare discount this message as some have done...