Prophet's Desk

"Let the wise hear and incease in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance..."

-Proverbs 1:6 (ESV)

The Gates of Hell Have Not Prevailed

by Pastor Kevin Winkler on January 31, 2022
My God what do you say? What do you declare?
"O’ My People whom I have chosen, who have declared their allegiance to Me, I am Your God and there is no other.
What has Your Maker declared? What have I put forth to you? How have I failed you? Who can know what I am doing from beginning to the end?
Does the world think so little of what God says? Do its inhabitants not understand or have simply forgotten it was I who created all things by My great power and might – I Said and it was. I spoke and things were so…
Why do you put such little importance on My Word? Who do you know that can actually stop Me from fulfilling My desires and plans? What power is there besides Me to accomplish that? Don’t believe false power rooted in the enemy. Don’t believe your own eyes that try to perceive something that may not be there – Believe God’s voice in your inner man. He gives the ability to discern the truth. Please, listen to Me. I will show you signs and wonders, awesome signs on the earth. I will allow you to see my hand moving and to discern, indeed it is Me. But the deceiver wants to show false signs of power.
I the Lord say, be not afraid, but be of good cheer. Speak your faith! Take your stand. I am with you and my remanent. I love those who love Me. I am for those who are for Me. I stand in contrast to the lies of the enemy. Who does he think he is? He assumes to take My throne and has failed. And he will be no more.
I the Lord have spoken."