Prophet's Desk

"Let the wise hear and incease in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance..."

-Proverbs 1:6 (ESV)

The Highway

by Pastor Kevin Winkler on September 21, 2021
I saw a highway before us. This highway was multiple lanes wide and they were all going in the same direction. This highway was five, maybe even six lanes wide heading into the distance… This highway was wide and open, it was straight and was smooth. As I looked down this highway it was going into the distance as far as I can see, and in the distance was light like the light of the setting or the rising of the sun at about 10 AM, not orange or red  but the light of day and was bright.

The Lord was showing us this beautiful wide open space that was straight before us, straight into our destiny, but there weren’t a lot of people on it at all… I felt like it was actually quite empty, void of traffic, but it was given before us and I believe that is a highway that God has put us on that’s not restrictive, but there is a lot of room to maneuver in the direction God wants us to go. (My note: I think the vision of it being void of a lot of traffic really represented to me there wasn't a lot of leadership, churches or ministries heading in this direction. I don’t think this represents God’s work for other people through this ministry. I think we’re heading in this way and we can’t worry about how many other churches and ministries or leaders are heading this way on this highway. We just have to do what He’s called us to do and not worry about what other people are doing.)

He reminded me of a vision from previous where He showed me His altar and in front of His altar were all these things, pieces of equipment, ability, all kinds of things that we might need or need to use in our life and they were all available for the taking, all available to use for whatever endeavor we needed. I was reminded that all we have to do is go get what we need from Him, that He’s provided everything for our enjoyment, but also everything to live a godly life.

All this that we are given access to for the service of the King... He wants us to depend on His ability, which is His grace to accomplish all of these things.

The things He wants us to accomplish He has already shared in their various forms, but would like us to believe Him that it will come to pass. We’re going to need Him and we’re gonna need His grace to see them fulfilled.

I have already said, be of good cheer. He has already overcome the world for us. Don’t ever hesitate to ask for help, to be depended on Him. Never feel like He is not wanting to hear from you. He has done all this for YOU, to have YOU, to keep YOU. He says to come to Him, don’t hold back, don’t be afraid of His rejection of you - if you are trying - keep working on it, keep getting up.

God is giving us a lot of room. He is not restricting our call or movement. He wants us to dream and believe and ask; to take steps while allowing His Spirit to open up to us the impossible!

This is our future, and the Lord, He wants us to have it now and not to delay, not to be afraid to take the steps, not to try to do it all by ourselves, but to allow Him to help us. That’s His joy, that’s His love, that’s His heart to be there to see us prosper in everything we do… His hand is upon us, is surrounding us. His hand is mighty, to bring down and destroy every hindering spirit, every spirit of delay, every spirit of depression, every spirit of bondage, every spirit of strong holds… He can do the impossible and He wants to do the impossible for us, for you, for me. This is the message.

As far as His movement in the world, for the world as a whole, not just for the United States of America... What He is doing is not a hard thing, but an easy thing for Him… To man it’s complicated, to man it seems impossible, but to the Lord God, nothing is impossible to Him. And He is opening wide His victory and it is great and it is grand and it is available for everyone on earth to partake of it. The victories of God are truly grand, phenomenal and wondrous. God was not gonna let us be turned over to these people. It wasn’t in His heart for us to be given over to these people. It was in His heart for them to repent and come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and for them to come to understand that there is a God in heaven who rules over the nations. But alas, not everyone would listen and not everyone would repent and not everyone would turn, even when they know and knew that God was trying to have mercy upon them, and reach them - they rejected it, rejected His grace, rejected His hand of deliverance for their own life and now the Lord is bringing this to a conclusion. He is restoring the United States to even greater levels then it was before. He is bringing the rest of the world along with it. These other countries and people will be wiser for the wear in how they are relating to who they have in charge.

The Lord God in one fell swoop will release His great power and in a single day bring great victories to the people… There is one last moment for those who don’t want to believe in His ability to get in on this, to believe that God can and He will deliver the country and the world from this wicked plan.

God is going to do this and for those who prayed for His help, for those who believed Him that he could, for those who even if they had bouts of doubt would stand their ground and believe anyway, for those who would listen to the prophets and others that were bringing the news of heaven and believed, for those who did not give up on God and kept crying out to Him with tears and with groanings, He will be completely vindicate you...

I am the Lord and there is no other. I stretched out the heavens and founded the earth upon the seas... I created life from nothing, calling everything into being that was made. I am the Lord and I have spoken.