Prophet's Desk

"Let the wise hear and incease in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance..."

-Proverbs 1:6 (ESV)

The New Era of the Church

by Pastor Kevin Winkler on April 21, 2022
What does God want to do in this new era of the Church?
There is a victorious Church God is raising up. The church has been pruned and is undergoing a purging. Many unnecessary things are being taken away. Many essentials are being emphasized.
God's desire is for His Bride to be radiant, not comparable to any other. No religion or cult should look like her in power.
The Bride, the Church should be pure, loving, and genuine, a worthy adversary to the kingdom of darkness.
The Bride should enjoy all of the rightful benefits of her position and relationship with God. We are not supposed to think lightly of God's care and blessings to her. She should not be treated by God like the rest of the world who is not His Betrothed. God is God of all, He rules over the nations, the earth and the fullness are His, but not everyone wants to be His. Therefore he does not consider them His own, but strangers, outcasts from His wonderful presence - workers of iniquity, rebellious without cause, mere spectators of God‘s goodness and kindness – though He Himself traded His life for theirs to cleanse them and to welcome them into life and faith. But alas they still want Him not.
"I want them but they don’t want Me," says the Lord. "My kindness, and slowness to anger should not be construed as my favor or my approval, but much patience for repentance."
My favor and approval is to My Bride to true and faithful ones - who want to error no more.
Follow Me and see My plans for you!
I the Lord has spoken.