Prophet's Desk

"Let the wise hear and incease in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance..."

-Proverbs 1:6 (ESV)

The President’s Pardon

by Pastor Kevin Winkler on April 7, 2022
I the Lord have spoken of My intent at this hour in history.
I have warned the world and those who have betrayed Me, what I would do. I have been watching and waiting for repentance for a heart change, but see none. Therefore I the Lord command execution of my plan and purposes. I the Lord am merciful to those who repent, to those who ask for help, even if they are in the wrong. But to those who are intent on fulfilling their evil designs – I Am a raging fire that will consume.
Why is it that you wanted My judgment o’ you leaders of the nations - why is it you would not yield to Me and do what was right in My sight? Did you really believe that I would not act? Did you deceive yourselves that I am powerless, just an imagination of the religious? I came to give life, not death, hope, not defeat – but you wanted none of it.
See now what I will do before your very eyes. As clearly as the sun is seen you will see.
I will not allow these things to go on and continue. I Am not one who lies or pretends. I speak the truth for all to hear.
To My President, there is no pardon to the wicked, to the arrogant, to the fearful. They all heard, they all knew, they all went on their way, rejecting My counsel. You shall deal with them as the enemies of God! They will be required to seek My face for solace, I Am He and He alone who shall give it, and no other shall it come. I waited patiently, enduringly, but that time is now over.
Fix your eyes on My plan and fulfill your calling as My appointed to exact vengeance for Me.
I have heard your cry, My beloved children. I have seen and indeed know your endurance and that your hope is almost gone. Like an anointing oil poured onto the top of your head, that drips onto your body and soaks into your clothes is my refreshing of your soul before Me. I will redeem and deliver My people from the contempt of My ways!
To you My love is given. To you are My plans established with you are they confirmed. Arise and go forth, to fill your calling and execute justice in the land.
I the Lord have spoken.