Prophet's Desk

"Let the wise hear and incease in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance..."

-Proverbs 1:6 (ESV)

The Word of God

by Pastor Kevin Winkler on February 18, 2022
(Originally I thought was about Canada.)
God is giving you another shot at it. He is giving you another chance. He is not abandoning you. This had to hurt a bit to help those who were slow to respond. Many people, your citizens pay no mind to the political area of your life. They ate whatever they were given with eyes half closed. God needed you to see what your enemy has been doing, the schemes he has been up to… No I’m not talking about the flesh and blood enemy. I am talking about the enemy of your souls. That one is allowed to work when we do not stand. Yes he works through flesh and blood - anyone he can persuade. Silver and gold is his chief persuader. The people need to be awake and watchful going forward to whom you will cast your vote for. Even Satan masquerades “like” an angel of light. Some of these folks “talk” fancy, persuading and seem like “good” guys, but their heart is not right.
You cannot separate morality from secularism. Morality comes from a higher authority! And that Authority has written His laws on every human's heart. Those who have rejected that or have not submitted to that are under the control of the enemy.
Stop listening to their talk and examine their actions. You will know them by their fruit!
Pick better fruit and reject these rotten ones for now on. Stop being deceived by their elegant speech!