Host Homes

At Church Alive, God has called us to reach the world by using the airwaves. All of our services are broadcast online over multple platforms, including our very own Alive Media Network. This means that you can attend a church service from the comfort of home, in a restaurant, a park, or even your car. We also strongly believe that members of the Body of Christ should not neglect meeting together (Hebrews 10:25). For this reason, we are encourage people to attend a Home Church Fellowship and have a vision to create them all around the world, much like the early New Testament Church. If you are interested in attending a Home Church Fellowship or hosting a home church, please let us know! You are not required to be a preacher to be a Host Home as a Church Alive Home Church Fellowship, just a passion for people!

If you are interested in being a host home leader, you can fill out the preliminary application form below for our staff to review. You will receive an email update once we begin the interview process. Please note that not all applicants who show interest will be contacted for an interview. The information you provide on the form will help us decide on if we will proceed with your submission. This is to ensure that only serious applications are considered and that our host home leaders leaders are qualified for the position. We are excited to hear from you!

Host Home Leader Preliminary Application: Click Here

What is a Host Home leader?
As a Host Home leader, your job is not to teach, preach, or counsel. You are there to provide a safe, warm, loving environment for others to gather in your home and be a church together. For decades the global church has placed an emphasis creating a fun and welcoming environment, but this has also bred a culture of, "How can the church serve me?" The serving has largely fallen to pastors, staff, and a few volunteers. We are reversing this trend. At Church Alive everyone is a servant. A small home environment makes it easier to put the focus on loving God and the people around you. As a Host Home leader, you are responsible for nurturing this culture of servanhood in the Home Church Fellowship. Your Church Alive pastors and staff will provide you with all of the tools and support you need to make sure the Host Home is succesful. Remember Church Alive is ONE church in many locations - The Home Church Fellowship is an extention of Church Alive. A Host Home is "where" a Home Church Fellowship meets...

Why church membership?

Paul writies in Hebrews 10:25 that we should not neglect meeting together. The reason stated here is for the purpose of encouragement. We all need the encouragement that can come by surrounding ourselves with like-minded believers. This is potentially the most immediately obvious reason.
Another very important reason to be a member of a church body versus trying to live for God all by yourself is the concept of authority. Authority is power. God is the ultimate authority and he deligates his authority out. In Matthew 8:9-10, a Roman centurion shows a level of faith that even amazed Jesus because of his understanding of authority and knowing that Jesus held the authority to say a word and heal his servant. The lesson here is that in order to have authority, you must be under authority. Being under authority gives power, but it also provides protection. It is so much easier to do God's work when you have others serving with you instead of trying to do it all on your own.

We want to stress that those in authority, especially in the body of Christ, are not to lord it over others. Pastors, deacons, teachers, and others who serve in similar positions are there for the protection and guidence of their brothers and sisters in the body. To get a deeper understanding of the biblical concept of authority, we want to encourage everyone to read the book, "Under Cover" by John Bevere.